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Alyssa Samuels

Member of S.T.A.C., Student Television Arts Company of Herricks High School 

"Lessons with Natalie truly provide an interdisciplinary approach to music.  She serves as not only my voice teacher, but also my piano teacher, songwriting teacher and even someone to check up on my vocal health.  Throughout our lessons, she always keeps a kind and sunny attitude, while also giving critiques.  I have been able to progress in many fields of music, all from taking lessons with her. Natalie establishes an environment that helps me to succeed, but also gives me room to grow on my own.  It is an assurance that I will continue to improve under her tutelage. 


Aria Saltini

Graduate of the B.F.A. in Theatre Arts program of Adelphi University 

"Natalie has helped me gain so much confidence in my voice. She has helped me grasp difficult vocal concepts by teaching the material in a way that makes it easy for her students to understand. Natalie always ensures that my voice is well taken care of. During our lessons together she has helped me gain understanding and confidence singing many different styles. Thanks to Natalie, I feel ready to tackle professional auditions because I know I am well prepared. I would recommend her to any singer looking for a great education.


Madison Burgess

Applied Voice Student at Columbia University; Graduate of the M.A. in Art & Art Education from Teachers College

"My experience learning with Natalie was phenomenal! Natalie instantly made me feel comfortable and well supported. Her kindness and effervescence consistently made my sessions a joy and her infectious passion for music inspired me to constantly push my own learning beyond what I thought I could accomplish. She encouraged me to try new styles of music and to explore a range of aspects of my voice.

Student Testimonials

Sheet Music
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Emma Scholl

Student in the B.F.A. in Theatre Arts program  of Adelphi University

"Not only has Natalie helped me understand the mechanics of singing, but also how physicality and imagery can be used to free the voice.  I enjoy our lessons because Natalie creates an atmosphere of trust, and therefore I feel comfortable to take artistic risks as a singer and actor. 


Gelsey Geraldine Beaubrun

Applied Voice Student at Columbia University; Graduate of Columbia Law 

"Working with Natalie was a rewarding experience—I felt that Natalie prioritized all of my stated goals and pushed me to have greater confidence in my vocal abilities.  Natalie demonstrated incredible depth of knowledge on vocal instruction and the science of the voice.  In terms of developing repertoire, Natalie approached each lesson with precisions and patience and she always pushed me to make a piece my own.

Sarah Fetherston

Musical Theatre Singer, Actress, and Dancer from Garden City High School 

"Natalie was my vocal teacher for seven years. She taught me many styles of music and knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Not only did we have a great bond, but she understood me and valued my opinion. Natalie helped me to find my voice and made me the singer I am today.

Sheet Music

Allison Greenwood

Member of S.T.A.C., Student Television Arts Company
of Herricks High School 

"I always walk out happier after a lesson with Natalie. She is by far the best voice coach I have ever had, and one of the most skilled musicians I have ever known. She has revolutionized my abilities in composition, voice, and piano. When I started lessons with Natalie a few years ago, I didn't know it would draw a line in my life with a "before Natalie" and an "after Natalie." But now, looking back on the "before," I see how tremendously she has added to my musicianship, and all the opportunities I would never have had if not for her. Any musician who wants to improve in leaps should look to Natalie.

Laurel Dispenza

Graduate of the Applied Linguistics Program at Teachers College,
Columbia University 

"Having Natalie as a voice teacher was an incredible experience. She was professional, fun, encouraging, and challenged me to grow in both vocal abilities and confidence. I discovered my voice could reach limits I never thought possible. Her explanations, demonstrations, and imagery was very helpful in making the abstract of singing more concrete. Natalie is an excellent teacher and I’m thankful I got to take lessons with her!